27^ Edition - Friuli DOC 2021

There’s one way to get to know Friuli Venezia Giulia, a small region enclosed between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by pleasant green hills and the golden terraces of vineyards, on the border with Austria and Slovenia.

FRIULI DOC: wine – food – events – panoramas

from 9 to 12 September 2021.

For four days Udine becomes a showcase to present the best of wine, gastronomic, artisan, artistic and cultural products in a truly unique region.

The programme is full of surprising taste trails: in the stands and kiosks, in the public squares and streets of the city centre, one can taste typical Friulian products, such as the cured prosciutto ham of San Daniele and Sauris, Montasio cheese, frico, cjarson ravioli, the wines the grappas and many other specialities.

In addition to the tempting opportunity to taste the culinary excellence of Friuli, there is also the opportunity to live unique experiences, to visit art exhibitions and craft exhibitions that express old and new knowledge and to follow the interesting appointments that accompany the event, from meetings on food and good drinking to concerts.

A journey among the most inviting flavours of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a true mix of wines, food, events and panoramas to get to know every facet of this rich and hospitable land.

In two or three days you will fall in love with Udine, and leaving it will become difficult. But have no fear, you can always come back, perhaps to next year’s FRIULI DOC.


1995 – Views of Friuli
1996 – Udine, the city of the Tiepolo
1997 – Campoformido 1797: a signature of peace between States; Udine
1997 – A festival for peace among peoples
1998 – The Nineteenth century in Friuli: the roots of the here and now
1999 – Glimpses of Friuli in the early twentieth century
2000 – Friuli: from thoroughfare to land of hospitality
2001 – Friuli Doc experiences friendship: different identities for a common future
2002 – Rebuild, reconvert, retrain… reaffirming the quality of the experience!
2003 – Enjoy taking the time
2004 – 10 years of Friuli Doc

Since 2005, the Municipal Administration, in collaboration with Turismo FVG, has dedicated each event to a portion of the territory of our region, thus offering considerable visibility and an opportunity to get to know:

2005 – People of Carnia
2006 – The Tarvisiano
2007 – Hills, castles and the People of the border. An enchanted territory between Valli del Natisone, del Torre and Cividale
2008 – Sweet ancient lands of the Friuli Hills
2009 – Friuli Riviera, the anchor of the territory
2010 – Land of Grave and Risorgive
2011 – Land of the Patriarchs

Since 2012, the Municipal Administration, in collaboration with ERSA – the Regional Agency for Rural Development, and later with PromoTurismoFVG, has dedicated each event to a product of the territory of our region, thus promoting the typical products of the region.

2012 – The Festival takes shape (Cheese)
2013 – Stories of vines, lives and wine
2014 – 20 years of Friuli Doc
2015 – When food brings the world together
2016 – Yesterday's knowledge, tomorrow's flavors
2017 – A show for every sense
2018 – Good food and great virtues
2019 – The excellence of taste meets the excellence of knowledge
2020 – Let's hold on tight and look to the future

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