Welcome to Udine

Welcome to Friuli DOC, the celebration of a proud, peaceful, generous and hospitable land. An encounter with its flavours, traditions and refined wines. 

Why be at Friuli DOC

Friuli DOC is an opportunity to discover, in a concentration of emotions, the soul of a land off the beaten track and, precisely for this reason, remained authentic and faithful to its own nature. A land where the art of making good things has been handed down for generations and where sharing them is a sincere pleasure. At the centre of Friuli, its capital is the natural home of this great festival and the taverns of Udine the heart of the spirit of Friuli DOC. In these typical places that populate every corner of the city, the custom of taiut is celebrated every day with warmth and humanity. But, in addition to Friulian wines, San Daniele, Montasio, Gubana and all the other Friulian delicacies, Friuli DOC is also an occasion to visit Udine, the city of Tiepolo, with its Venetian glimpses, its palaces steeped in history, its tradition of architecture and its refined Castle. 

An event to savour

There is no secret to experiencing Friuli DOC. You can create your own itinerary among the themes and flavours that interest you most, gathering the inspiration from stands, events and places. Or you can leave it to chance to produce the magic mix that makes moments unforgettable, abandoning yourself to the instinct and the senses. Letting yourself be carried away by the emotions, tastes, scents and sounds of the festival. Long live Friuli and live your life! 

Discovering the land, flavours and culture of Friuli

Many appointments to deepen one's knowledge of local wines, products and cuisine, many shows, many meetings dedicated to history, art and traditions. From Thursday to Sunday, a calendar full of opportunities. 

The spectacle of art and history

Friuli DOC is a wonderful opportunity to experience the city of Udine, discover its most beautiful sights and visit its rich museum exhibitions.